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Private Label Extensions is the leading US wholesaler for your hair business. Just over 5 years ago we launched private label extensions to create an option for women who are looking for high quality hair for entrepreneurs who want to enter the hair industry. We are a hair distribution technology company that builds hair brands from A to Z for entrepreneurs who want to do well in the industry.    Show Source Texts

There are many factors and considerations involved in the creation of an optimized hair extension business, but you will eventually need a reliable supplier to be the backbone of your business. Unlike other providers that ship products online, Private Label Extensions acts as your business partner.    Show Source Texts

When our phones ring every day for private label extensions, one of the most common questions is how to start selling hair online. The first thing to do to open a hair extension business is to find a high quality hair extension provider. So, the first thing you need to find reliable hair extension providers is one you don't have to start a business with.    Show Source Texts

I'm not patting you on the back, it's what you have to do, but it makes it even worse for real business owners when a business with brand hair extensions picks up steam. If you have enough money for wholesale hair, you will get a company card and logo, but if you do not you will get enough money and a whole range of stocks of many lengths, origins, colors and types of extensions.    Show Source Texts

The best way to promote your new business is to have a website or blog in this way you can generate content that drives traffic to your website, link to your products in your posts, and make sales. The only way people know that your business exists is if you promote it with a great hair extension site. This is a reliable and excellent way to market your business and having your own website will help boost sales and get more attention for your hair extension business.    Show Source Texts

As you know, social media is free and there is a lot of information on the Internet about how to start a small hair business for money through social media. If you click on this article, you'll be sent to hundreds of thousands of people who want to start hair extensions companies with their own hair brands.    Show Source Texts

We receive hundreds of e-mails every year asking how to start a hair extension business or start selling online hair extensions. We have been in the hair industry for more than 16 years and have helped many individuals who began out to become entrepreneurs. We have a large Facebook group for starting a hair business and are always looking for feedback on desired products and services.    Show Source Texts

Getting to know potential suppliers during the main phase of your business can be beneficial when it comes to getting the best hair extension deals. Learn more about professional knowledge about hair products and market research, how the market can benefit your company.    Show Source Texts

The fiery wig and hair extension market is a huge business opportunity as more and more people get involved and want to make some money in the real hair market. The importance of product marketing will only increase if you are active in the hair business.    Show Source Texts

When distributing hair extensions, you must take into account the costs of transporting the goods, international customs duties, employee wages, marketing, packaging, taxes and storage. This may seem like a small point, but if your business is dependent on a reliable hair extension provider, you want to feel reassured when you know that you are dealing with a reliable dealer. A good hair supplier with fast delivery and destroyed packaging ensures a successful hair business.    Show Source Texts

If you like (and I agree with that) that you have a brand and personal life experience before starting a hair business, how you want to run your business and what type of hair extensions and wigs you want to sell. You can sell different items in different stocks - including virgin hair, lace clasps, lace frontal, 360 frontals, human hair wigs, etc. - under your company name or you can select a specific product that you want to sell and we send it to your customers. In this way, you can set up a hair shop with an inventory of sellers and then ship the hair or wigs directly to your customers.    Show Source Texts

The first and most influential marketing is to reach out to prominent people in the hair industry to promote your new business. In 2015, Krysmari Brands, a company that handles hair extension products, launched a variety of hair fragrances, which are two of the most secret products needed in the industry. The company has also released a product every year, Learn to Sell Hair Extensions, a manual for creating new and current business owners to sell hair extensions and wigs.    Show Source Texts

As the name implies, a hair extension shop is one that makes money by selling hair extension products online. Michele and Adrienne are the previous owners of two successful hair extensions shops, so they were able to create their Learning to Sell Hair Extensions manual which teaches you everything you need to know to sell hair extensions online and Selling Remy Virgin Hair, a blog for entrepreneurs trying to get into the hair extensions business. A sister company Dropship Extensions specializes in offering hair extension sites to those who are interested in the business and want to see their business grow.    Show Source Texts

One day, over lunch, my business partner told me that his girlfriend had spent $700 at a hair salon on extensions. Another Shopify company sold similar products for different hair structures, inspired by the terms and conditions of the brands. 



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"The first THING you NEED to do in order to establish a hair extensions BUSINESS is to find quality HAIR EXTENSIONS SUPPLIERS." 3
"The first THING you NEED to do is find a reliable HAIR EXTENSIONS SUPPLIER as, without one, you might as well not start a BUSINESS at all." 0
"These may seem like small points, but when your BUSINESS depends upon a reliable hair extension supplier, you want to feel that peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a reliable distributor." 5
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"The MARKETing aspect of my BUSINESS PLAN was simple to formulate for ONE reason: I am serial HAIR extension user." 14
"From MARKET research to invested finances, a BUSINESS PLAN for HAIR extension business can incorporate everything." 12
"My BUSINESS PLAN helped me critically look at my competitors, not just in the afro-textured HAIR MARKET, but across the HAIR extension industry as a whole." 14
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"There are many considerations and factors that go into creating an optimized hair extension business - you NEED reliable SUPPLIERs - this point will be the backbone of your company." 5
"The first thing you NEED to do in order to establish a HAIR EXTENSIONS BUSINESS is to find quality hair extensions SUPPLIERs." 3
"Your hair extension business will NEED a mobile MARKETing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.." 9
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"If you have a BUSINESS that distributes HAIR EXTENSIONS, you will NEED to account for the cost to transport goods, international tariffs, employee wages, MARKETing, packaging, applicable taxes and storage." 8
"Your hair extension BUSINESS will NEED a mobile MARKETing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.." 9
"Under the Krysmari BRANDS; products releasing this year are "Learn how to sell HAIR EXTENSIONS" manual created for new and current BUSINESS owners selling HAIR EXTENSIONS and wigs." 9
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"If you have clicked this article, you are among the hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE who want to start a hair EXTENSIONS BUSINESS with their own HAIR BRANDs." 6
"Your HAIR BRANDing is extremely important for your hair extension BUSINESS." 5
"Private Label EXTENSIONS is a hair distribution and technology company that builds HAIR BRANDs from A to Z for entrepreneurs looking to get into the INDUSTRY." 13
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"We received hundreds of emails every year asking about how to start a hair extensions BUSINESS, how to start selling hair extensions, since that we have been in HAIR INDUSTRY for more than 16 years and help many starters in becoming an entrepreneur." 6
"The first, Influential Marketing, will target individuals who are prominent in the Hair Industry that will promote your new BUSINESS." 1
"It was not the best model to use in the HAIR INDUSTRY and then found a gap, which was PEOPLE wanting to start their own hair brand versus selling someone elses brand." 13
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"Our sister COMPANY Private Label Extensions is a wholesale HAIR extensions supplier that provides all the HAIR for DROPSHIPPING." 10
"Shopify has never supported payments for HAIR extensions because the industry is a high risk for fraud, however, this year, we were able to build a relationship with Shopify and Private Label Extensions is the only HAIR extension COMPANY to partner with Shopify." 13
"Private Label Extensions is a HAIR distribution and technology COMPANY that builds HAIR brands from A to Z for entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry." 13
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"Under the Krysmari BRANDS; products releasing this year are "Learn how to sell hair extensions" manual created for new and current BUSINESS OWNERs selling hair extensions and wigs." 9
"But I stuck with it and it forced me to confront a lot of TECHNICALITIES I would not have necessarily thought of as a first time BUSINESS OWNER." 14
"I am not knocking your hustle by any means, get it however you can, but it kind of makes it bad for real BUSINESS OWNERs with a BRAND to get into the business and be taken seriously." 9
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"The foundation of your BRAND is your logo, your website, packaging and promotional materials, all of which should communicate your BRAND about you and how you make them feel when they purchase your hair EXTENSIONS." 9
"About a year and a half into the company we pivoted the model so that people couple PURCHASE HAIR to sell for their own BRAND." 13
"Drop shipping is cost effective for someone that does not have the funds to PURCHASE HAIR EXTENSIONS upfront wholesale, or someone that does not have room to store hair." 9
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"As its name suggests, a hair extensions business is one that makes money from the sale of HAIR EXTENSION PRODUCTS." 8
"We provide a variety of HAIR EXTENSION PRODUCTS including, hair extensions, wigs, frontals, closures, and much more." 13
"Instagram is a great platform where you can curate pictures and videos of your HAIR EXTENSION PRODUCTS." 8
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"Choose a SUPPLIER who is not just interested in sending you orders but is also the ONE who can also act as your BUSINESS PARTNER to help you in times of need." 3
"Unlike other SUPPLIERs who just send off the product, we act as your BUSINESS PARTNER." 5
"At lunch, ONE day my BUSINESS PARTNER was telling me about his girlfriend who was spending almost $700 at the hair salon to get extensions." 13
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"It is not enough to consider the profit margins, shipping service and HAIR QUALITY of a supplier." 8
"This includes more than profit margins, shipping service, and HAIR QUALITY." 0
"The first two months are always going to be the hardest months ever especially if you do not have a client because you have to make the Instagram for the hair company; getting those followers; having people to trust your brand and believing in your brand is not a scam or your HAIR QUALITY is good." 6
#customer base   
"If you are committed to starting and expanding your business or CUSTOMER BASE, creating a website with relevant hair extension details and images may give you a good head-start." 12
"All companies who are serious about expanding their CUSTOMER BASE get online." 5
"It did help us acquire a CUSTOMER BASE to work with and get started in the industry so we chalk it up as a learning lesson." 13
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"My BUSINESS plan helped me critically look at my competitors, not just in the afro-textured HAIR MARKET, but across the hair extension industry as a whole." 14
"The fiery wig and hair extension market has huge BUSINESS opportunities, and more and more people want to get involved in the human HAIR MARKET to earn money." 2
"I personally believe the majority of hair in the market is Indian Hair just given exotic sounding names." 9
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"Michele and Adrienne Krysmari are a mother and daughter team who are the President and CEO of Krysmari BRANDS, a COMPANY that caters to PRODUCTS for the hair extensions industry." 9
"Also in 2015 Krysmari BRANDS will release a variety of hair perfumes and two more highly secretive PRODUCTS needed for the hair extensions industry." 9
"Once you explore the MARKET demand or have sufficient finance to launch your PRODUCT in the HAIR EXTENSION INDUSTRY, you can begin with minimal capital startup requirement." 12
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"With hundreds of millions of users on SOCIAL MEDIA, you could drum up BUSINESS for your HAIR extension company." 5
"If you feel like it takes up to much of your time just post a little every day, but SOCIAL MEDIA is critical to your HAIR extension BUSINESS so make SOCIAL MEDIA a quick part of your daily routine." 9
"You know Social Media is for free and there is a lot of information on the internet on how to start a small HAIR BUSINESS with no money using SOCIAL MEDIA." 7
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"It is not enough to consider the profit margins, SHIPPING SERVICE and HAIR QUALITY of a SUPPLIER." 8
"This includes more than profit margins, SHIPPING SERVICE, and HAIR QUALITY." 0
"It will be best if you find SUPPLIERs who can give you drop SHIPPING SERVICE." 12
#brand name    #product   
"By only selling three lengths and giving each length a BRAND NAME, the cost of my initial inventory was significantly lower than had I sold my PRODUCT in the traditional manner." 14
"Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one sellers PRODUCT distinct from those of other sellers." 9
"Check to see if your preferred BRAND NAME is currently being used or is trademarked." 8
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"Atlanta based Private Label EXTENSIONS is the #1 U.S. wholesale vendor for your HAIR BUSINESS." 5
"Just you like is OK. You can name the brand from your personal life experience, why you start your HAIR BUSINESS, how you would like to run your HAIR BUSINESS, what kind of hair EXTENSIONS & wigs you plan to sell, etc." 11
"The significance of PRODUCT marketing increases, especially if you are into HAIR BUSINESS." 12
#profit margins    #hair    #quality    #services   
"It is not enough to consider the PROFIT MARGINS, shipping service and HAIR QUALITY of a supplier." 8
"This includes more than PROFIT MARGINS, shipping service, and HAIR QUALITY." 0
"A thorough market analysis will not only help you position your business in the mainstream market, but also maintain a good profit margin in the future.

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