Black Hair Stylist in Atlanta, GA

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Georgian hairdresser Brenda Gee, 61, told her doctor that when she turned up to an emergency room with breathlessness, wheezing and coughing, she assumed she had the coronavirus. She then worked and trained at concept salon Aveda and became a sought-after stylist in Atlanta, GA. Her career took her to Georgia, where she worked with clients at many events. Her favourite stylist Mallard, who works for Stellar, was awarded the CeCe Debbie Winan feature for her work with black hair, and Sophisticate, who worked at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show, is a platform for artists.    Show Source Texts

Gerri Belle Mizani is an artist and stylist at the Virtuous Beauty Hair Studio in Tampa, Florida who educates other stylists and clients on the nature of hair. As part of the Mizanis Texpert Academy, Carla Marcelle is working to teach a stylist the basics of texture and hair care.    Show Source Texts

Carlon Thompson, a Mizani artist and stylist in the Salon Oasis in Sacramento, California, is a texture and blowout specialist who works with natural and relaxed hair. He specializes in providing his clients with long-lasting hair care and personalized information based on their unique hair types and concerns. Mizani Redken, artist and Rachel Redd hairstylist in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on natural hair.    Show Source Texts

Curlie Girlz Rock Salon offers a variety of services such as steam therapy, colour and hair styling. Damned Salon is proud to provide an endless number of natural hairstyles for its customers, and continues to share guidelines for the care and growth of all natural hair. With special cuts and colors, Damned Salon writes unique hair recipes, products and style recommendations based on the needs and preferences of customers to maintain a healthy hair program long after leaving the salon.    Show Source Texts

In these salons there are not only an abundance of hairdressers and professional hairdressers trained for all hair types, but many also offer mobile services. It is easy to find a reliable hair salon if you use your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or any other device with an internet connection. You can contact a service provider or click on this website to search for the cheapest hair salons in Atlanta.    Show Source Texts

If you need hairdressing services in Atlanta, visit Booksy for optimal customer satisfaction. Each salon has different specialists who can take care of your hair needs. The services you receive from Midtown salons in the city are whole precision hairstyles for men, individual colors, styles for special occasions and general hair and perm treatments.    Show Source Texts

Modern trends have changed the average male perception of hair and more men are finding out how to open hair care centers, salons and hair salons. There are a large number of different salons in the city and people who are suitable and trained for all hair types. Many of these salons are designed for African-American women to interact with.    Show Source Texts

J Glam prides itself on being one of Atlanta's best black hair salons. We are here to help you find the most popular Black Hair Salons in Atlanta, GA. Finding the right salon for black hair in Atlanta can be a long and hard journey. Local Hair Salons Atlanta Atlanta has over two hundred and ninety-six licensed hair salons that are visited by hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to the city.    Show Source Texts

Our friendly, professional stylists in Chestshire Square, next to Publix and Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, are dedicated to latest styling in our relaxed salon and spa. Loop Salon is an Ouidad approved salon specializing in multistructural and natural hair styling. Loop Salon is located in Atlanta with the mission to enrich the community through education, healthy hair and a trendy and environmentally conscious atmosphere.    Show Source Texts

Kinky Peach is a natural hair salon in Atlanta, GA founded by. Monique Beoa to provide women in the metropolis of Atlanta with a single resource for care for their natural hair. Learn how hair salons, which focus on natural hair and natural hair care salons, differ between white and black in Atlanta.    Show Source Texts

The average price is between $40 and $80, but it all depends on the specific service you are looking for in a hair salon. Here is an entry-level category of hair and beauty salons that you can explore in the city of Atlanta and the Peach State of Georgia.    Show Source Texts

Carla Marcelle is one of the stylists you should look for if you are looking for expertise in hair extensions. Dezarai Chadwick Mizani, an artist at Sola East in Wichita, Kansas, prides herself on the integrity and health of her clients hair by keeping up with the latest in hair care. Not far away used 60 Davine Salon hair products and skincare lines.    Show Source Texts

The installation includes handmade swings for braids and hair products, a showcase with over 1,000 bottles of guests' favorite hair products dangling from the ceiling, a vibrant collage on the back wall celebrating the beauty of black hair that captures the essence of black childhood and an accompanying exhibit of excursions to the beauty salon and self-affirmation shop. Many of us can recount how, as a child, she sat on her mother's legs as she coiffed her hair into hairstyles at school, flipped through bloated hairdressing magazines to find salon hairstyles, and made trips to beauty salons to stock up on our favourite products.    Show Source Texts

Owners Tony and Stephen, like many small-business owners in the minority, felt uncomfortable opening a Georgia-approved business like a barber shop, hair salon, or tattoo parlour until the state re-entered, but stuck with the prospect and opted for safety instead of helping their employees with income. Without previous business experience, it took three months of determination and passion to get the salon up and running. 



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"In 2013, MALLARD opened Salon Scenes in the New Buckhead Atlanta AREA and since then her passion for creating new techniques has made her an innovator in the art of hair weaving and custom units.With her daughter adding to the third GENERATION of HAIR STYLIST to the family tree, she has the great pleasure in expanding her brand and has become an educator and works along side with the Great Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble." 10
"As a second GENERATION HAIR STYLIST, Shantell MALLARD has admired and followed her aunts career as a stylist." 10
"The following are Black HAIR STYLISTs based in the Atlanta AREA that specialize in bridal hairstyles for the bride and bridal party." 0
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"We are here to help you find the most popular BLACK HAIR SALONS in Atlanta GA. Finding the right SALONS in Atlanta, GA for BLACK HAIR can be a long and hard JOURNEY." 5
"As a preferred STYLIST, she WORKed with the Stellar Awards with CeCe and Debbie Winans and has featured WORK in Black Hair Sophisticates as well as WORKed in the Bronner Brother Hair Show as a platform artist." 10
"While the decision is ultimately yours, we feel that these are some of the most popular BLACK HAIR SALONS in Atlanta, GA: Another Look SALON, Don Shaw Hair Dressers, Insignia SALON, Like the River SALON, Nubiance SALON Spa, Shine SALON and Spa, Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Center, and The Purple Door SALON." 5
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"The Damn SALON takes pride in providing their clients with an endless number of natural hair styling options and they continue to share guidelines on the care and growth of natural hair." 4
"Infamous for our precision short hair cuts, short HAIR STYLEs, no lump no bump weave applications, color and natural hair styling, at J Glam Studio SALON we take no short cuts." 6
"Loop SALON is an Ouidad approved SALON that specializes in multi- textural and natural hair styling.