Black Hair Stylist in Columbus, Ohio

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They offer comprehensive services in the areas of hair care, styling, color and cut. Queen Bees Royal Hair Gallery is an African American beauty salon near Ohio State University. The salon, featured in several magazines, specialises in braiding, weaving and hair extensions and offers a variety of ethnic styles and styling techniques.    Show Source Texts

The salon and day spa have a competent staff trained in many different braiding techniques. With a lock-and-bat specialist in the team, they can conjure up the hair of their customers. Beauty Box is an organic salon and spas with trained and experienced stylists so you are sure to receive the best customer service and pamper your hair and skin that you deserve.    Show Source Texts

Salon stylists in Columbus, Ohio, know how to get their clients to come back. A stylist can help you maintain and strengthen your hair for a protective and fashionable style. A beautician can visit your house and style the hair and make-up for a wedding, prom or the like.    Show Source Texts

Chasra Barnes is the owner and stylist of Chasra Barnes Natural Hair Specialist with 14 years of experience. Her salon also offers courses to teach customers the art of locomotives and braids. For boutique services and registration, potential stylists pay $75 to get certified to perform certain natural hair services such as braids and threads.    Show Source Texts

Every person who pays for a natural hair license at the Napps Academy, like Roshae, pays for two children to get their license. She now knows the business and she wants to teach the next generation of black children how to make hair a profession. She bought an old bus for $1,000 and turned it into a mobile salon to take her hairdressing classes there where they are needed.    Show Source Texts

In 1999, the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology required natural hairdressers to obtain a full cosmetology license. Before the license became necessary, Ohio introduced the Natural Hair Stylist License in 1999, but it was time consuming and expensive. The license required 450 hours of training, and stylists had to process the books or obtain a lower state certification than Boutique Service Registration, which became available in 2016.    Show Source Texts

In fact, Paul Avelar of the Institute for Justice in Ohio issued 62 licenses to natural hairdressers between 1999 and 2014. This prompted the state last fall to take a step when the Board of Cosmetology introduced a new register of boutique services in addition to the Natural Hair Stylist License. There are currently 18 licensed mobile styling business in the state, according to Margie Rolf, executive director of the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board. Adora Namigadde / New Directions Beauty Institute Columbus, Ohio has an accredited natural hair program.    Show Source Texts

If you are looking for a salon that offers services from head to toe, look no further for stylish success. We have compiled a list of salons that everyone who specializes in natural black hair care should know. This list was compiled from submissions from salon owners and customers.    Show Source Texts

To help you find the best salons in your area in Columbus, we have compiled our own list based on the ratings listed above. Located in downtown Columbus, Beauty Box Organic Salon & Spa offers a wide range of natural products made by hand that bring beauty back to you without the toxic and bad effects that salon products can bring.    Show Source Texts

She has an immense passion for hair and makes people beautiful with 25 years of experience in the industry. Hair styling wasn't something Roshae had planned as a child, but she's happy to make a living from it. Zyarah Evans, 10, knows she still has a lot to learn, but now she wants to style other people's hair.    Show Source Texts

The salon is well-known in the community, said Woods who has worked for more than 15 years as a receptionist at the salon and is President of the National Council of Negro Women in Springfield, Ohio. Through calls from the salon, Woods has had a significant impact on minority vaccination rates in counties, Young said. Young, who has been in the business for 50 years, says people who work at easea sign up at the hair salon because they are trusted.    Show Source Texts

Traffic rolls slowly past the mobile hair salon Bry Simss, which operates at busy intersections, in alleyways and in remote parking lots and parks. The phone rings asking for an appointment for Deborah Wood, 72, a receptionist at a hair salon. Springfield, Ohio, a district in Ohio that struggles to vaccinate minorities, asks if they want a haircut or the COVID-19 vaccine.    Show Source Texts

Following twelve successful years at the campus, in 2012 Queen Bees Beauty Salon expanded to become Queen Bees Royal Hair Gallery at its new location a few blocks away in the historic Old North Community of Columbuss. Her mother, Arlene Boles, a longtime beautician herself, ran a shop on the North Side, and her daughter earned an allowance to sweep the floor and clean the salon with towels. In part, she considered leaving Ohio to start over.    Show Source Texts

Make sure you take care of your hair in the salon by visiting TGIN Products. Before moving from Queen Roshae in Arizona to the salon in Ohio, she flew in customers from around the country and they flew in to see her.    Show Source Texts

They pride themselves on working with various clients and provide professional and accurate tax returns for individuals and small businesses. They specialize in helping companies use their Story Collection service to turn followers into customers. A family business run by husband and wife team Robert and Cheyenne Daviss (above in their clients' car), you can make an appointment today. 



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"A native of East Cleveland, Ohio, "The Queen Bee" began her professional journey in the HAIR INDUSTRY in 1993 at The Ohio State School of Cosmetology." 4
"But that is also raised greater attention to the natural HAIR INDUSTRY, which had gone largely unregulated until the late 1990s." 5
"She sees the new regulation as an opportunity for the natural HAIR INDUSTRY to grow as a whole." 5
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"Queen Bees Royal HAIR Gallery is an African-American owned and operated beauty SALON found near OHIO State University." 8
"Excelling as a scholarship student in beauty school, she continued her studies at The OHIO State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and spent several years as a cosmetology instructor before opening Queen Bees Beauty SALON." 4
"After twelve successful years on campus, her SALON expanded in 2012 to Queen Bees Royal HAIR Gallery, with its new location just a few blocks away, in Columbus historical Old North Community." 4
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"Mallory Lane Salon offers the most fabulous Hair Extensions, Balayage, Hair Color, Haircuts and Specialty STYLING." 0
"Featured in several magazines, they specialize in braids, weaves and HAIR EXTENSIONS and offer a variety of ethnic STYLEs and STYLING techniques." 8
"In 2015, she became a Mayvenn Certified Stylist, launching a full retail line of top quality virgin HAIR EXTENSIONS in 8 different textures, various origins, lengths and COLORS, expanding her clientele in the weaving market exponentially.