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Our company is a beauty salon specializing in African-style braids, hairline sewing, and braid modification. To find hair extensions, please find a salon or stylist in our Nebraska hairdressing catalog. The hairdresser stitched the texture into the omahane in the search results. In the real yellow pages, sm can help you find local businesses that suit your specific needs.    Show Source Texts

I have been to six barbershops (all over Nebraska and Texas) trying to get a haircut, which I only got successfully once. You own a hair extension salon in Nebraska or you are a hair extension specialist. Her hard work and experience at the hairdresser eventually paid off when she became the owner of a beauty salon. She decided to take up a hairdressing salon and worked for 8 years at Garbos Salon & Spa, where she started as a supervisor and then became a salon manager.    Show Source Texts

She sold the salon after learning she was having a third child and wanted to spend more time with her family. If you are looking for a professional black hair stylist, I highly recommend making an appointment with Amanda here. The hairdresser insisted that once I was done and my hair was “fogging up,” the braids would look better.    Show Source Texts

He specializes in dyeing, dyeing, haircutting, Brazilian blowing, relaxation products and all other texturing services. She loves all the services, but she specializes in blondes, hair extensions, hair and makeup for special occasions. The two best friends had plenty of time to save themselves during the pandemic and came up with the idea to buy a camper van and open the first mobile grooming salon in Omaha.    Show Source Texts

After working for Russells for five years, she moved to Bella Mia on the street, which is now her happy salon home. He used to work in a national salon chain, ran the best salons, and now focuses on color, tailoring and style. As a child, when friends wanted to style or dye their hair, they always asked her for help. Tokyo initially specialized in hair extension sewing, but eventually turned to making wigs.    Show Source Texts

I made an appointment with the hairdresser twice before leaving and will be back this week for the second time. I had a lot of hairstyles and also did my wedding hairstyle / makeup with her. I do "alternative" haircuts and also plan to dye my hair. He also studied with Yosha Toi, a Japanese haircutter, and attended the Hair World in Washington DC; International Beauty Exhibition in New York; the beauty show "America" ​​in Chicago; and the Aveda Congress in New York and Minneapolis.    Show Source Texts

“Often when I meet people and tell them my name,” Dan Jr. said, “they keep telling me that your father cut my grandfather's hair, my father’s hair, my hair, my children's hair. At that time, she lived with her father and younger sister and began helping her father style her younger sister's hair, but Covid-19 forced them to stop doing what they loved, which was cutting their hair.    Show Source Texts

Within weeks of the pandemic, instead of going back to work, they decided to open their own mobile grooming salon called Good Life Grooming For Men. Also be prepared to feel a little scared there, I found it hard to relax in the atmosphere but they know the hair. After I left the army and returned home, I was constantly looking for someone to comb my hair.    Show Source Texts

Until now, owning and managing women or the first mobile beauty salon in the area has never been their goal or any idea. It may be so," said John Mangiamelli, owner of Creative Hair Design at 120th and Pacific Street. "When we started, many professionals advised us not to rebuild the area.    Show Source Texts

On Tuesday afternoon, he was at the DJs Dugouts' parking lot in Bellevue. Shortly after paying, I told the hairdresser that the braids looked bigger than I wanted.    Show Source Texts

I went back in time and got a style called "knotless braids". The Omaha Economic Development Corporation, which he founded, was born with similar intentions. The former real estate agent works as a neighborhood planner for the Omaha City Planning Department.    Show Source Texts

Your stylist has the right to ask you to leave if he thinks it's true. This time in the process, I noticed that my braids were not braided the way I wanted. Now that the product is ready, I don't like them and I asked them to redo them.    Show Source Texts

Please stay in your vehicle and your stylist will let you know when you can enter. BBB company profiles are provided solely to help you make better decisions.    Show Source Texts

He said he supports the expansion of the North Omaha Trail as a means of overcoming the constant disruptions and isolation imposed by the North Freeway. Deng Jr. said the area needed businesses, not nonprofits, to thrive. BBB does not endorse any product, service or business as per policy. Government regulations require hairdressers and clients to wear masks while providing services.    Show Source Texts

The prestige brought by this family helped win district approval for the commercial development of North 24th Street. Best friends must learn how to work together safely in a smaller space. "I fall every day and I understand life on North 24th Street. 



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"GARBOs Salon and Spa is one of the largest locally owned and operated group of HAIR salons in Omaha, NE." 9
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"With over 15 years of experience in the BEAUTY INDUSTRY, we remain dedicated to building relationships with our professionals.