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In general, with proper care, human hair extensions can last up to 18 months, while Diamond Dynasty human hair can last up to two years. Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair offers the finest virgin hair bundles and hair clips at fantastic prices. If you want the highest quality luxurious hair bundles with exceptional shine, you need the hair products we supply to our customers here at Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair. We often hear from our clients that they have fallen in love with our premium virgin hair bundles and our Brazilian hair bundles.    Show Source Texts

Malaysian hair extensions have better shine and shine than the original Brazilian hair extensions. These extensions keep your hair wavy and frizzy without the need for extra hair care products. Body wave buns can also transform a predominantly straight hairstyle into a more wavy and flowing hairstyle. Body wavy buns can be used to add more volume to an already wavy hairstyle.    Show Source Texts

Since they are made from real hair, they can be styled like the wearer's hair. Here are a few examples, but no one wakes up with hair like this. With proper care, you can reuse our 100% human hair for up to 2 or 3 years. We ask that you bring clean, dry hair as this service does not include shampoo.    Show Source Texts

After a relaxing shampoo with special products for the best hair condition, your hair will be styled and styled using the most suitable tools and techniques for you. Whether you want to go blonde, add volume, give your hair back a natural look, or get trendy colors, give us a call to choose a service that will get you there. We use FDA approved lasers that are tailored to your specific skin type and hair color. The hair on this type of wig is hand-tied individually at the front with lace to create a more natural look.    Show Source Texts

Like The Golden Boy, Spivey wore yellow shorts and boots, this choice of color combined with his height, build and blond hair made him look like Hulk Hogan. Spivey and Scott Hall formed a team in the CWF called "American Starship". Spivey was called to team up with Mike Rotunda as US Express after Barry Windham left WWE. Spivey returned to the Carolinas, where he worked as an Eagle on the American Starship.    Show Source Texts

Spivey held the title until he lost to Luperez in July 1992. After the college club disbanded, Spivey joined former referee Teddy Long and began working with rookie Sid Vicious under the name "Skyscrapers."    Show Source Texts

US Express first came together on November 1, 1985 [11], less than a month after Spivey joined the World Wrestling Federation. Spivey and Stan Hansen formed the highly popular Gaijin team, which nearly won the AJPW's "World's Strongest Tag Determination League" in 1990. Spivey and Hansen lost their tag team titles to Terry Gordy and Steve Williams.    Show Source Texts

South Dakota followed suit after dominating two-seeded Baylor 61–47. Auburn and Baylor, who were usually behind Baylor's top four, also lost to Auburn and Baylor in the first round. Baylor saw his highly seeded women's and men's teams get eliminated prematurely from March Madness, making the Bears their first biggest loser of the weekend.    Show Source Texts

Winning the ACC tournament could take North Carolina up a couple of levels. North Carolina has won six, while Duke and Indiana (who are likely to take the field) each have five titles. Duke is likely to be seeded 2nd in one of the four regions, and North Carolina is likely to be seeded about 7th or 8th in any of them.    Show Source Texts

Lunardi said he believes five ACC teams will play, including Duke, North Carolina, Wake, Notre Dame and Miami. Duke and North Carolina and Davidson, who won the regular-season and Atlantic 10s championships, will play. Virginia Tech will win the conference tournament and will likely join five ACC teams.    Show Source Texts

We previously reported how a North Carolina woman struggled to keep her personal license plate called "FART" from the North Carolina DMV. A North Carolina resident and a few friends online joined forces and figured out how to save a fart.    Show Source Texts

Shana started her hair care business at the age of 14 as a shampoo assistant. Licensed since 2003, she is the lead stylist and owner of The Experience Boutique Salon in Greensboro, NC.    Show Source Texts

Like Max Cady, "Golden Boy" had very black hair, wore a white outfit with a Hawaiian shirt, and had several odd tattoos, including a dagger on his forehead (the Spiveys were temporary).