Body Wave Bundles in Newport News, Virginia

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Welcome to Thehairvendors!The salon specializes in a full range of services including Eufora hair coloring, hair extensions, keratin complex treatments, facial and body hair removal and facials. Tamra Hollowell Salon's goal is to provide the highest quality selection of products and accessories to meet all care and maintenance needs. Recognizing the special needs of women undergoing treatment, Silhouette Boutique offers high quality natural looking wigs and hairstyles.    Show Source Texts

We offer the highest quality designer wigs and hairstyles available today, as well as scarves, hats, hair caps and hair bands. Silhouette Boutique Certified Wig Specialist specializes in helping women suffering from drug-induced hair loss. Use your hot styling tools to straighten or curl Whitney's luxurious layers of hair - our unique Envyhair(tm) technology blends the highest quality heat compatible fibers with human hair to create the most natural and manageable wigs on the market.    Show Source Texts

You can reuse our 100% human hair for up to 2 or 3 years with proper care. Make sure you wash and condition your hair at least once a week, and twice a week is best. You can apply a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to keep your hair from tangling and becoming dry and dull.    Show Source Texts

Textured hairstyles add volume naturally and can breathe new life into structured straight or flat hair. Baseball Cap Designed for comfort, beautifully blended hair is permanently held in a 100% cotton baseball cap for a stylish hair replacement without styling.    Show Source Texts

Our affordable Halo headwear is the perfect solution for when you want your hair to look under a hat or scarf but don't want to wear a full wig. Salon Oasis offers exceptional hair styling services in downtown Newport News, Virginia. Here at True Weave Spa in Norfolk, VA, Norfolk, VA, VA, True Weave Spa in Norfolk is a full service barbershop specializing in express weaving and professional quality stitching of all kinds.    Show Source Texts

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I told my stylist that the wet head was definitely not straight when I walked in, and the perm turned out very similar to the hair I already had, not the frizz I asked for at all. I didn't let my stylist touch my hair with a 10-foot pole after talking to someone who was clearly mad at me for expressing my opinion. She told me there was nothing wrong with wet hair, it was noticeably frizzy compared to my previous "straight" hair.    Show Source Texts

I was able to make an appointment easily and when I arrived I saw an unbiased/safe salon where the owner, Charlene, had my hair appraised. Everyone knows that a second perm will damage a woman's hair, and I'm moving to Tennessee in a few days, so I figured a refund would be the best option.