Deep Wave Bundles in Huntsville, Alabama

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Thehairvendors specializes in textural installations such as custom wigs, forehead and clasps. We have virgin hair bundles available in a variety of textures such as curly, straight yaki, deep wave and more. Our virgin hair bundles in different lengths and densities offer versatility in how you wear and style your hair.    Show Source Texts

Thehairvendors offers a wide selection of gorgeous virgin hair - our products include high quality lace up wigs, hair extensions, curls and more. Whatever product he uses is phenomenal, my color always lasts much longer than I expect. I have thick curly hair and she can always style my hair and stay.    Show Source Texts

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The order was accurate and the quality of the hair was good. I have installed a lace front at least 4 times in the last 2 years.