Deep Wave Bundles in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Before you go to the salon, learn more about virgin hair extensions to make sure you're getting the best quality. Untreated hair extensions can last one to two years with proper care. Make sure your natural hair under extensions is completely dry.    Show Source Texts

Wet your hair every day and gently comb your Deep Wave hair with a wide-toothed comb. Comb your hair into your desired style with a wide tooth comb and let the wavy pattern dry to set. To enhance the Body Wave effect, mist your hair with a spray bottle before adding products.    Show Source Texts

Once the wave pattern is in place, you can gently comb through the hair with your fingers to add volume or with a comb to add afro volume. Deep Wave and Curly textures are straightened with a straightener for a coarser texture than Body Wave. Deep Wave texture requires a little more maintenance than Body Wave textured hair.    Show Source Texts

You can use more products on your textured curly and kinky curly hair than other textures without weighing down your hair. These high quality hair bundles are available in straight wefts, loose waves, body waves and deep waves.    Show Source Texts

We only recommend a professional hair stylist to color the buns to avoid overworking our hair with deep waves. Yes, darkening your hair is easier than lightening it, and we highly recommend that you find a professional hairdresser to help you. For our deep wavy hair, we suggest you wash the buns often with cold water and apply our Eternal Mousse for Timeless Hair.    Show Source Texts

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The World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health and other medical experts have also advised against using the decade-old antiparasitic drug except in carefully controlled patient studies. It has also been widely used in other countries including India and Brazil. A decade-old antiparasitic drug was even given to inmates in a northwest Arkansas prison for COVID-19, despite federal warnings against such use.    Show Source Texts

The NIH team noted that early laboratory studies have shown that ivermectin slows coronavirus replication when cultured in monkey cells. They noted other studies suggesting that a decade-old antiparasitic drug would need to be administered at doses up to 100 times the standard dose to have an antiviral effect in humans. Such studies are not useful for measuring real effectiveness in humans.    Show Source Texts

As a fourth wave of infections erupts, more Americans are turning to a decades-old antiparasitic drug. WASHINGTON (AP) — Health experts and medical groups are pushing to end the growing use of a decades-old parasite drug to treat COVID-19, warning it could cause harmful side effects with few Evidence suggests it helps.