Hair Bundles in Miramar, Florida

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Miramar, FL 32550 Book an Appointment Today or Consult Salon in Miramar with braids, weaves and more. Thehairvendors makes you feel great inside and out with braids, weaves and extensions that... The living motto of True Beauty Hair Salon at True Beauty is to pamper and satisfy our valued clients.    Show Source Texts

. Navelkar Legend, Dhempe College Road, Tonca, Miramar, FL 32550 Emilio is an artist in the heart of the Riviera...2004 at Hairlegacy in Miramar with high quality salon products, I was able to get mine. ..... Serenity Hair & Spa is a beauty salon in another Miramar salon of the highest quality! Hair and Natural Hair... Miramar Beach, FL, FL 33027, Emilio More than a stylist.    Show Source Texts

4 stylists grew up with our styles, with our tricks and our techniques. Hair Industry salon stylists have over 30 years of experience in hair extensions. Easy to style - Because our extensions are 100% human hair, you can style your hair as usual and achieve a beautiful and natural look.    Show Source Texts

With proper home and salon care, our DreamCatchers can be used for up to two years before they need to be replaced. Our products are safe to color, wash, cut and even style like real natural hair. We are currently known for our braids but we hope to expand into extensions, colors, puffs, locks and wigs.    Show Source Texts

You have complete freedom to add color or style in any way you like. Extensions should give you fuller, thicker hair without damage. Suite 21, Miramar Beach Extension that... not only your hairdressers do... Beautiful, healthy and color is something I've never been so happy with, and that's... ... S hair Extensions Boutique & Braiding Salon, we don't just do cabello hair (Hailo.    Show Source Texts

Their team members will help you make a decision based on your needs and comfort zone. Brow Boutique is Miramar's chic new salon that goes way beyond hair and manicure. Working with women every day for 8 hours a day can be a challenge, but in our salon we also have a good time.    Show Source Texts

Miriam is very good at avoiding responsibility and is very bad at customer service. Miriam is the most unprofessional wedding dress salesman I have ever met in South Florida. Run from Miriam, don't trust her with your money. I have proof that I paid you in FULL two days before the wedding via PayPal two days before the wedding.    Show Source Texts

A traumatic experience in another salon, and an extension that ... hair) have proven themselves in the Miramar treatment, coloring. Marie Hamilton specializes in hair care and restoration of damaged and brittle hair. Marie Hamilton is an innovative professional with an outstanding talent in hairdressing and design. She is constantly fueled by her motivation to strive to continually improve her hairdressing and design skills.    Show Source Texts

Because the well-being of our customers and employees remains our top priority, we are taking comprehensive health care measures and only helping one customer at a time.    Show Source Texts

Curly Louie thinks what better place to start than serving women. The alternatives used so much sticky spray on my hair that my hair was greasy, flat and frizzy before I got in the limo, but we couldn't fix it since she came so late. Arrived 2 hours late the next day for a replacement, swearing in front of my florist, my hair and makeup are horribly done.