How To Start A Hair Business on Instagram

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As I keep saying, you need Instagram to boost your hair business and increase your following. When you post photos to your Instagram account, you can not only connect with your current customers, but also win new ones. Retailers can use IG Live Stories and News Feeds to get inspiration and make an impression on their followers, and more than 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts because they feel connected to them.    Show Source Texts

The first step in this Instagram guide is to set up the best professional profile. To create an Instagram company profile, you need a Facebook page related to your company. Once you have setup your Facebook page, go to your Instagram page, click the Settings button, select Account and select Switch to a Professional Account.    Show Source Texts

If you are an entrepreneur for your own hair company, you should make sure your Instagram account has set up as a business account. The first step to a successful Instagram business account is for your customers to identify you. When you set up your Instagram account, you have the option to set it up as a personal or business account.    Show Source Texts

If you have a large salon and work there, your customers will look for your salon name to find you on Instagram. Your business account should contain enough information for potential customers to make a purchase decision (imagine how your hair would fit their professional profile picture) and communicate this with your business account. For example, a local hairdresser wants to post happy local customers and mark the surroundings of the salon.    Show Source Texts

One of the best ways to build a business and win Instagram perfect target customers is to post content that directly speaks to them. For example, remember the site on the store signs, add icons to the site, put site address on your business card or other handouts and ask fans on other social media sites to follow you on Instagram. There's room for personality and you want to make it easy for new customers to understand where you are and connect with you, but the goal of Instagram should be to be in front of paying customers, not just more followers.    Show Source Texts

The following tips and a few suggestions will help increase your engagement in your Instagram world, dictated by likes and followers, but many forget how valuable comments can be on social media. Regular and consistent updates improve your reach and your posts are discovered by more people, showing your followers that you are a busy, busy business with many trusted customers. The new Instagram algorithm influences the integration into your Instagram Stories : the more users interact with your Stories the more likely your posts are to appear in a user's news feed.    Show Source Texts

Your customers can post honest reviews of your hair care products on your website, social media pages and Google Business page. You might want to ask your customers if they agree to have you take photos and post them on Instagram (as long as you have permission), which is a great thing to share with your followers.    Show Source Texts

For starter photos, we recommend posting 6-9 posts on Instagram to create your page. To avoid posting each image at once, use the Instagram collage feature on your phone or in the App Store (there are many photo editing and photo collage apps you can experiment with).    Show Source Texts

Add promotional information to your captions and add a link to your Instagram Stories to encourage followers to click the link in your biography to take advantage of the offer. Once you have everything set up, link your LinkTree account and use it to link to all the links you share on your Instagram account.    Show Source Texts

If you want to learn how to grow your hair business with an Instagram account and paid promotions like Instagram and Facebook ads, influencer endorsements as well as YouTube and Google ads, read this article. We recommend using both organic methods and paid promotions such as Facebook and Instagram ads to grow the business. Opening an Instagram account and posting tips will help you maintain healthy growth.    Show Source Texts

In this article we will reveal some of the free hacks you can do to grow an Instagram follower for your hair extension or web business. We will also give you some of our best tips on how to post hair extensions on your Instagram account. Once you know how you can get a hair extension Instagram account, you will find out what produces the best results and how you feel about the look of your site.    Show Source Texts

There are many goals you can achieve with a campaign, but neglecting these decisions will change how your Instagram advertising is optimized and how you pay for it. Your hair business on Instagram will grow to a satisfying point. Here are some of the basic things every business owner on Instagram needs to do to make sure you move forward and make it easy for your followers to book appointments.    Show Source Texts

Organic growth for new business accounts can be difficult, as Instagram recently introduced a new algorithm that makes it harder for business accounts to appear in their posts.    Show Source Texts

Social media marketing refers to the attention that is gained by posting and using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms with over 600 million monthly users and can be used as an invaluable tool for marketing hair extension services. Planoly allows you to plan your Instagram posts and analyses to help you manage your account so you can see what your profile looks like and set it up the way you want it to look. 



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"Not only will this help you keep track of posts related to your brand but it will also build BRAND AWARENESS." 5
"Overall the key here is to be genuine.Giveaways are a great way to build BRAND AWARENESS and your following." 5
"For example, if you want to build BRAND AWARENESS but you ignore that and click that you want engagement - how your ad shows up to the target market that you select could be different, and it could narrow who is seeing the campaign that you paid for." 8
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"So, choose a good PROFILE PICTURE to make sure you stand out (your LOGO or an image of you are good choices), write a smart bio for your page and consider changing your profile to a BUSINESS ACCOUNT." 10
"Your BUSINESS ACCOUNT should leave enough information for a potential customer to make a purchasing decision by imagining how your hair will fit his/her needs.Post a professional PROFILE PICTURE that conveys what your BUSINESS ACCOUNT is for." 5
"Your LOGO can be used as a PROFILE PICTURE that will help people identify your brand ." 5
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"For example, mention it in store signage, add the icon and website, put the website address on your BUSINESS cards and other handouts, and ask fans from other SOCIAL MEDIA sites to follow you on INSTAGRAM." 13
"Yet, only 30% of BUSINESSes active on SOCIAL MEDIA have an INSTAGRAM account ( Neil Patel )." 5
"And with more and more PEOPLE turning to INSTAGRAM to seek out salons, now is the perfect time to up your SOCIAL MEDIA." 4
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"The most basic things that every BUSINESS OWNER needs to do on INSTAGRAM are simply to ensure that you get found and that it is easy for your followers to book an appointment." 0
"As a BUSINESS OWNER of your own hair company, you should make sure you set up your INSTAGRAM account as a business account." 5
"As a BUSINESS OWNER, you are busy ensuring your customers are happy and running day to day business errands." 12
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"Organic following growth for a new hair BUSINESS ACCOUNT can be difficult since INSTAGRAM continuously rolls out a new algorithm that makes it difficult for BUSINESS ACCOUNTs to show their POSTS." 11
"Your BUSINESS ACCOUNT should leave enough information for a potential CUSTOMER to make a purchasing decision by imagining how your hair will fit his/her needs.Post a professional profile picture that conveys what your BUSINESS ACCOUNT is for." 5
"Potential CUSTOMERs can contact you via your email or contact number because the information is readily visible when they visit your BUSINESS ACCOUNT.INSTAGRAM only allows you one clickable link, and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out which link to share or having to remember to change it depending on what you have going on." 5
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"First, to create an Instagram BUSINESS PROFILE, you need to have a Facebook page related to your business." 12
"Once you have set up your BUSINESS PROFILE, you need to set aside a budget you are comfortable with, decide where you want your ads to be seen and for how long." 12
"Even if you operate as a person - such as Jessica Appleseed, Nail Tech - you will still want a BUSINESS PROFILE.