Lace Frontal Sew Install in Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida

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Its most popular services are a $ 195 front wig fitting, a $ 175 universal "effect front" clasp setup, a $ 150 basic clasp setup, and a lace-up closure block with setup included for $ 175. Zees' most popular services consist of a $ 160 front wig fitting, an original $ 200 front closure, a $ 250 front seam, and a $ 115 front armor.    Show Source Texts

Services range from hair washing and silk ironing for $ 65 to a lace front seam for $ 300. Erica Hudson specializes in wig fitting, with prices ranging from $ 250 for a top wig fitting to $ 350 for a custom front wig. India offers a wide range of services, from natural hair care, ponytail and quick braiding, sewing services, fabric care and wig making.    Show Source Texts

Stokesstyled also has its own Mega Melt cosmetic product that provides a secure hold on wigs and laces. Demi Lisa specializes in custom styling, lace styling and keeping hair healthy with protective hairstyles. Our school has a student salon / clinic where you will work with real clients as you learn how to create your own business directory. If you want to get a wig done, you need to schedule a 15 minute consultation for $ 15. 



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"Zees most popular SERVICEs consist of a FRONTAL WIG INSTALL for $160.00, a FRONTAL inspired CLOSURE sew in for $200.00, a FRONTAL sew in for $250.00 and a FRONTAL quick weave for $115.00." 0
"Her most popular SERVICEs are a FRONTAL WIG INSTALL for $195.00, a versatile CLOSURE install "frontal effect" for $175.00, a basic CLOSURE install for $150.00 and a lace CLOSURE unit with the install included for $175.00." 0
"Erica Hudson specializes in WIG INSTALLs, ranging from $250.00 for a CLOSURE WIG INSTALL to $350.00 for a custom wig FRONTAL." 0
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"Zees most popular SERVICEs consist of a frontal wig install for $160.00, a frontal inspired closure sew in for $200.00, a FRONTAL SEW in for $250.00 and a frontal quick weave for $115.00." 0
"SERVICEs range from a natural hair wash & silk press for $65.00 to a lace FRONTAL SEW-in for $300.00." 0
"Glamtouch has a range of bundle and style deals ranging from two bundles and a basic sewin for $350.00 to three bundles, frontal and a FRONTAL SEW in for $660.00.